Connected to Conejo Valley

From the valley’s most on-trend, sociable neighborhoods to its more laid-back, ranch-inspired suburbs, I have extensive connections to each of the Conejo Valley’s charming neighborhoods — as well as many of their local residents.

So, when it comes to my home buying process, I always leverage my personal connections within the valley to my client’s advantage. Whether there’s a major market development or a special new property about to pop up for sale, I’m always among the first to know about it.

No matter what your Conejo Valley home buying ambitions are, you can rely on my personal connections and local market insight to provide you with an unparalleled real estate experience in the 805.

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Ready to Relocate?

For more specific help with relocating to the 805, our Relocating With Us page covers everything you need to know about moving here for the first time.

Client-Focused Approach

Whether it’s online or in-person, our first meeting will be all about you. My home buying process depends on having an in-depth understanding of who you are, your unique lifestyle, and what your individual needs and wants are.

With such a wide range of beautiful communities, neighborhoods, and homes in the 805, I know there’s a home here perfectly suited to you. My job is to help you find it by combining your home-buying objectives with my niche understanding of all the little communities that make up the Conejo Valley.

Although you might already have a firm idea of where you want to start your search, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to find something you wouldn’t have even known you wanted before.

“Victoria was really present and invested from our first call (where I talked in circles) and then clear through to the final discovery of our dream home! We are in the process of finalizing the purchase, and honestly, without her care, guidance, and support, it would have been impossible to have gone through with this. Thank you, V.B!”

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High-Cadence Communication

Following our first consultation, you can expect to receive consistent, high-cadence communication from me throughout our entire home buying process. Staying constantly accessible through direct, open lines of communication is an essential part of my home buying strategy; and extends beyond our client-Realtor® relationship too.

I’ve seen many deals fall through for buyers because of complacent agent-to-agent communication, which is why I always keep on top of leads and ensure you’re always top-of-mind when sellers decide to hit the market.

Whenever there’s an important update or an interesting lead you should know about, you can have full confidence you’ll hear about it directly from me.

Top-Level Negotiations

It goes without saying that one of the most crucial stages of the home buying process is during negotiations.

In my previous career of over 20-years, I was a top-level sales executive of a digital advertising and marketing technology agency. I led large corporate teams while negotiating seven-figure sales of digital technology to multinational companies.

Although our Conejo Valley real estate industry differs from the tech world, I find that many of the same principles of negotiations directly translate into high-value, high-stakes real estate transactions.

When the time comes for us to negotiate the purchase terms of your dream Conejo Valley home, you can be sure we’ll have left no stone unturned.

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What’s On Your Wishlist?

Tell me all about your dream Conejo Valley home by reaching out to me directly.

Make It Move-In Ready

While the Conejo Valley is home to some of the most opulent, luxurious houses in California, sometimes the best value for money lies away from those beautifully-finished residences. Having personally bought, renovated, and sold five homes within the 805, I know that from experience.

If we find a home in your ideal neighborhood with great bones at an excellent value — which does tend to happen — my team and I are more than capable of facilitating any home improvement projects you might want to complete before moving in.

While your new home might not need a new roof, a full kitchen remodel, or a replacement water heater, if you do have any improvements that would help make your house feel more like home, I can make that happen.

Helping Hands

Along with my own personal experience organizing high-end construction projects, I also have an extensive list of connections with local renovation and construction professionals.

In fact, my primary home remodelling connection is my brother, whose construction company is regularly contracted to take on luxury and celebrity renovation projects.

While it’s not always necessary to call on him for help, I also regularly depending on a list of other professionals for assistance when tackling home improvement projects for clients, including:
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Handymen
  • General Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Movers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • and many more…

It Starts With A Conversation

Take the first step towards buying your new Conejo Valley home by reaching out to me for a one-on-one home buying consultation. Once I know all about who you are, I can get started on finding the ideal home for you here.