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Capturing Hearts and Making Lasting Memories

Gina Reese is a native to the Conejo Valley, living her childhood in Westlake Village and has seen the beauty of this community develop and grow.  She now lives in Westlake with her son and keeps very busy running her photography business.

Gina has been doing photography for the last 16+ years, it has been a great passion of hers.  

Photography came to her thanks to her favorite little man; her son, who was super patient in allowing her to take so many snapshots of him wherever they were. Photographing her son soon quickly became her hobby, her time to be creative and to get away from daily stresses. Soon after, she started capturing friends and family, which blended into shooting children’s head shots for a list of top modeling agencies. Suddenly photography became her career and the best is doing something she enjoys so much. Gina style is pretty simple, she is amazing at capturing her client’s expressions. She thrives in natural light and great with kids. She becomes a kid herself witch allows kids to feel comfortable and be carefree with her. Gina is silly, bouncy, wild and crazy while still professional, a perfectionist and dedicated. You’ll catch her wearing ugg boots all year around so I can get in the dirt to get those timeless smiles, sighs, pouts, giggles and gazes so you can enjoy them forever!

I can speak from experience; Gina will capture timeless moments of your life that you want to display in your home and cherish.  She has photographer my family for the last 12 years. Here are some quotes that also really say a lot about her passion and style.   

“I love being in the moment.” 

“I have always lived my life frame by frame, and now I get to capture my clients moments in photos to last a lifetime.” 

One thing that Gina will highlights and STRESS and its So true is “Wardrobe”!

She believe selecting the right wardrobe is such an important part of photography because it plays a massive part when it comes to improving the “style” or the “look” of your photographs. Yes, it really can make or break your photos. It plays a huge role in creating photos that shine, and can definitely supercharge a beautiful photo session. Gina strongly believes that Wardrobe is a major reason to capture the right photo that she has decided to add her all new WARDROBE SERVICE to help mitigate the stress levels so you end up loving the experience of getting your pictures taken! 

Her Wardrobe Service includes one-on-one personal help with your outfit selections.She will give advice and send pictures of samples of clothing as well as educate you with what looks best via text or in person. She will work together with you to create that breathtaking color coordination and style palette so that you can finally say goodbye to the stress and hello to what looks amazing on camera!

LOCATION is the next big topics for Gina. Good location cannot be underestimated. If you are looking to have some awesome photographs, location is one of the most important aspects and that is where the fun begins! All you need to do is just share your ideas about location. Do you want to get photographed at home? Or are you a beach lover? Or do you prefer a mild touch of nature? She will choose the best location based on your preference.

When perfectly thought-out color pallets, textures, combinations, layering, location, all come together — this is where Gina will create the magic. Just blend all of these elements with stunning lighting and connection, and you will have those elegant photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

Gina gets booked pretty quickly, so think ahead and reach out to her to book that session.

She also offers Holiday cards, so what perfect match and take a bit of the stress when planning those Holiday cards.


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