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About Westlake Village

A true Conejo Valley gem, this master-planned community in the southeast part of the Conejo Valley feels anything but cookie-cutter.

Celebrated for its laid-back lifestyle, breathtaking natural landscapes, top-class cafes and restaurants, and safe, family-friendly atmosphere, Westlake Village has everything you’d ever want in a quiet Californian community.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Westlake Village is the vast surrounding open spaces, theatrical mountain ranges, and rolling hills. This unbeatable natural landscape is perfect for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and just about any outdoor activity you can think of.

Additionally, the food and culture scene here is covetable too. Choose between any of our highly-rated restaurants, including Mastro’s Steakhouse, Tuscany il Ristorante, Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen, and Mendocino Farms, just to name a few.

The Homes

In general, single family detached homes dominate the Westlake Village real estate market, with condos and townhomes close behind. Homes range from 1960’s to new construction.

Homes here have a medium sold price of $1.3MM, with a price/sqft of $537, while condos and townhouses are priced closer to $605,000 on average.

The Neighbors

With an estimated population of around 8,200, there’s a good mix of Westlake Village residents. Locals are primarily made up of families and seniors, though there is a notable population of singles and young people that live here too.

What’s especially great for families with younger children is the selection of well-acclaimed schools and youth programs in the area, as well as the overall community being very safe.

The top-rated public schools in the area include Westlake Elementary (Grades K-5), Colina Middle School (Grades 6-8), and Westlake High School (Grades 9-12). Some well-acclaimed private schools in the area include Carden Conejo School (Pre-School to Grade 5), St Jude The Apostle School (Grades K-5), and Oaks Christian School (Grades 5-12).

The Best Parts

With over eight public parks and a seemingly endless amount of outdoor activities, some of the best ways to enjoy Westlake Village is to spend time outside.

Go for a hike or ride up the nearby mountains, take your children to one of the numerous playgrounds or parks, or spend an afternoon at one of the several golf courses and country clubs here, including Westlake Golf Course, Sherwood Country Club, and North Ranch Country Club.

Westlake Village is also located just 15 miles north of the coastline, which means a trip to the beach is a quick drive away.

During the cooler months, take advantage of the new, state-of-the-art Yarrow Family YMCA, or enjoy some of the best shopping in the Conejo Valley at the local boutiques and specialty stores.

About Thousand Oaks

Famed for being one of the safest and most friendly California societies, the city of Thousand Oaks is home to the most population-dense community of the Conejo Valley.

Despite having over 120,000 permanent residents, Thousand Oaks has managed to retain its wholesome, community-focused feel, which no doubt directly results in the city’s consistent rankings as one of the safest cities in the country.

Coining its name from the tremendous amount of oak trees local to the area, Thousand Oaks is also known for its natural beauty. In fact, about one-third of Thousand Oaks is occupied by designated open-space nature areas, which heavily feature the area’s trademark oak trees and mountain ranges.

The Homes

When it comes to the Thousand Oaks real estate market, there’s a large variety of homes available for sale here. Everything from luxury condo units and townhouses to generously-sized single-storey suburban homes.

On average, condo units and townhouses sell within the $600,000 range, while detached single family homes here have a medium sold price of $950K, with a price/sqft of $461.

The Neighbors

Due to Thousand Oaks’ large population, you can find just about anyone living in this desirable California community. Between families with school-aged children, retired seniors, and young singles and couples, there’s a large mix of local residents in Thousand Oaks.

Those with school-aged children will be happy to know that there’s a collection of impressive, well-ranked schools within the Thousand Oaks community, including Lang Ranch Elementary School (Grades K-5), Meadows Arts and Technology Elementary School (Grades K-5), Redwood Middle School (Grades 6-8), Los Cerritos Middle School (Grades 6-8), and Thousand Oaks High School (Grades 9-12).

Some well-regarded private schools in the area include St. Paschal Baylon School (Grades K-8), St. Patrick’s Day School (Grades K-6), and La Reina High School and Middle School (Grades 6-12).

The Best Parts

One of the most impressive aspects of the population-dense Thousand Oaks area is how the community has been able to preserve its breathtaking outdoor area. Despite their large number of residents, the impressive natural landscapes are still very appreciated by many of the locals.

Take advantage of the hundreds of walking, hiking, and biking trails that run through the various surrounding mountains and valleys in Thousand Oaks. Or, pay a visit to The Gardens of the World, a stunning collection of perfectly manicured botanical gardens that serves as both a cultural contribution to the Thousand Oaks community as well as a public learning place.

The Civic Art Center is also a popular Thousand Oaks destination, which hosts numerous music and culture festivals throughout the year.

If shopping is more your bag, then The Oaks Mall will be right up your alley, as it is currently the largest shopping mall in the entire Ventura County.

About Oak Park

With a population of just over 14,000 residents, Oak Park is one of the smallest communities within the Conejo Valley. However, what Oak Park lacks in size, it more than enough makes up in wholesome community vibes.

This family-friendly unincorporated 805 community is bordered by the jaw-dropping Santa Monica Mountains to the north and features beautiful hillside views.

The quiet, almost secluded community of Oak Park is known for its safe, peaceful atmosphere, as well as being one of the most historically-rich Conejo Valley communities. To be more specific, there is actually evidence of human occupation within the Oak Park area dating all the way back to about 5500 B.C.

The Homes

Oak Park has a distinctly spread-out, suburban atmosphere when it comes to the neighborhood’s homes. That means the community is largely dominated by detached, single family homes, which have a median home sale price of $1.1MM, with a price/sqft of $480.

There are some condos and townhouses you can find here, though much less commonly found.

The Neighbors

Lots of highly-educated residents call Oak Park home, with a large portion of the population working in the business and technology industries. However, not everyone here “white collar,” as a large population of artists, artisans, creatives, and media workers also live in Oak Park.

Generally, the area is primarily populated by families and seniors who enjoy the more low-key lifestyle Oak Park offers.

Families with school-aged children have a great choice when it comes to local schools in Oak Park, with the most common choices including Red Oak Elementary (Grades K-5), Brookside Elementary School (Grades K-5), and Oak Hills Elementary School (Grades K-5).

For older kids, Medea Creek Middle School (Grades 6-8) and Oak Park High School (Grades 9-12) are both fine options.

The Best Parts

For families with school-aged children, Oak Park is a fantastic place to grow up. The area is well-known for its award-winning public schools and community programs.

Appealing more to the older demographic, there’s also a diverse selection of independent restaurants, cafes, and boutiques within Oak Park, as well as plenty of opportunities to get outside.

Between the China Flats, Canyon Cove Trail, Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyons, and many more publicly-available hiking and biking trails within Oak Park, there’s lots of open green space for residents to explore here.

About Newbury Park

While technically situated within the northwestern boundaries of the Thousand Oaks city limits, Westlake Village is a very independent-feeling Conejo Valley neighborhood comprising about 28,000 residents.

While somewhat out of the way of the downtown Thousand Oaks area, a major draw of Westlake Village is the more affordable price per square foot and slightly cooler temperatures. However, Westlake Village certainly shares a few commonalities with Thousand Oaks.

You can expect to find that same trademark laidback Conejo Valley lifestyle in Westlake Village, as well as an abundance of surrounding natural beauty in the area.

Westlake Village is surrounded by numerous hills and valleys and is very close to the beach. Like Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village is also a very safe community and has been ranked many times within the safest communities across the country.

The Homes

Many of the homes within Westlake Village date back to the 1960s, which means they carry a lot of mid-century charm, though they can generally use a bit of updating or remodelling.

Expect to find lots of detached, single family homes here, which have a medium sold price of $800K, with a price/sqft of $410. In general, Westlake Village homeowners enjoy larger lots and yards compared to nearby central Thousand Oaks properties.

The Neighbors

Like many Conejo Valley communities, there’s bound to be a large number of families and seniors around, and Westlake is no different. No matter what age or demographic these residents are, however, they all share that same laidback Conejo Valley outlook on life.

What is notable, however, is the large number of biotech employees who live in Westlake Village due to the Amgen corporate headquarters being based in the neighborhood.

When it comes to the top-rated local public schools in Newbury Park, Cypress Elementary School (Grades K-5), The Environmental Academy of Research Technology and Earth Sciences (Grades K-8), Sycamore Canyon School (Grades 6-8), and Newbury Park High School (Grades 9-12) are the most notable.

The Best Parts

Of course, one of the most enjoyable parts of Westlake Village is the wide selection of publicly-available parks and green spaces here. From hiking to mountain biking, horseback riding and sports fields, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities one can partake in within Westlake Village.

Residents also regularly enjoy visiting Dos Vientos, the most desirable planned community within Westlake Village, complete with its very own community center and park area.

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