How I Help

Throughout my lifetime living in the Conejo Valley, I’ve developed a deep understanding and appreciation for each of the little communities that make up the 805.

When helping new clients smoothly transition into life here, I leverage that intrinsic understanding of each individual Conejo Valley community to precisely match their individual wants and needs.

Depending on your lifestyle, priorities, and preferences, all it takes is a quick conversation for me to narrow down the Conejo Valley communities that would best suit you.

Your Seamless Transition

Whatever your lifestyle is like, ensuring you make a seamless transition when moving to the Conejo Valley is my top priority.

That starts with an in-depth real estate consultation where we talk about what type of home you’re looking for, what’s most important to you, and what you’re hoping to find in the 805.

My objective is to make you feel at home here from the day you arrive, no matter where you’re joining us from.

“Victoria is amazing! Over seven years ago, she helped us find a home in the Conejo Valley by teaching us about each of the neighborhoods and made suggestions about what we should be looking for. She loves the area and shares all of her excitement with people who are interested in moving here.”

Dustin DeLaMontanya

Vetted Home Tours

Based on the essential information we cover during our consultation call, I’ll have already prepared a vetted list of homes I believe will pique your interest.

Whether we tour them together in-person or virtually before you arrive, this exciting stage of the process is designed to make finding your ideal Conejo Valley home smooth and stress-free.

What You Can Expect

Wherever you’re moving to the Conejo Valley from, there are a few things you can immediately expect to find once you’ve arrived here.

The Location

One aspect of the Conejo Valley we wouldn’t trade for the world is the location. While the 805 has a distinctly small-town feel to it, we’re just a short jaunt away from bigger cities, like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and downtown L.A. — all under an hour away.

Conejo Valley locals love being able to drive into one of the bigger surrounding cities for the day and then return to their hidden patch of paradise upon returning home.

Most people who live in those bigger surrounding cities don’t even know where the Conejo Valley is because of our tight-knit, community-focused vibe.

The Transport

Ever hear about that infamous L.A. traffic? We have too, and it sounds awful. One of the most enjoyable parts about the Conejo Valley is that we avoid that completely.

One perk of living in the 805’s smaller, more suburban-like community is that we rarely run into bad traffic. In fact, we don’t even have a structured parking system — no meter parking here to worry about!

That means quick runs to the grocery store only take about 15 minutes door-to-door, which might sound incredible depending on where you’re moving to the Conejo Valley from.

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The Weather

One thing is for certain ahead of your move to the Conejo Valley; you can expect that signature Californian warmth and sunshine for long parts of the year here.

Temperatures in the summertime tend to average around the mid-70s (that’s 25 in Celsius) with lots of sun and clear skies. Because we’re located just northwest of L.A., we avoid their scorching hot summer temperatures, staying about 10 degrees cooler. That means opening up your windows at night and enjoying our cooling natural breezes instead of turning on the A.C.

In the wintertime, average temperatures rarely drop below the mid-40s (about 5 – 8 degrees in Celsius) with partly cloudy skies. Depending on what you might be used to, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy our relatively-mild winters.

The Lifestyle

In typical Californian fashion, a lot of the 805 locals live a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Whether we’re dining outside at one of our highly-acclaimed restaurants, out for a leisurely stroll around our main downtown streets, or relaxing with friends around a backyard campfire, we always make time to enjoy life in the 805.

Locals here love taking advantage of our beautiful climate to get outside and enjoy the stunning landscapes of our very own valley. Hikes, mountain biking, running, and just about any sport under the sun are enjoyed here.

And while we’re just a quick 30-minute drive away from almost all the nearby surrounding beaches, there’s definitely a big beach culture here too.

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Ready to Relocate?

I’m ready to help. Start planning for your new life in the Conejo Valley today by booking a relocation consultation with me today.

Our Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Whether it’s in your immediate or long-term plans to move to the Conejo Valley with your family, you can feel confident the 805’s a community that will make you feel right at home.

Not only are our quiet, tree-lined streets and public parks perfect for outdoor play, but we’ve also got an enormous circuit of organized youth sports leagues. From Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball — and everything in between — there’s never a shortage of teams and clubs for your children to choose from.

The Conejo Valley is also well-known for our top-class school system. We’ve got a large collection of National Blue Ribbon Schools, which are recognized for overall academic excellence. The best part? Most of them are public schools, so you won’t have to worry about paying expensive annual tuition for a first-class education.

Join the 805 Society

Find out what living in the Conejo Valley is really all about by visiting the 805 Society. It’s a page where 805 locals come together to talk about all things Conejo and always has something new in-store.