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Thinking of Summer Camps Stressing you out?

Time to think about summer camps for the kids. I find myself thinking about camps not for what they offer, but will my kids respect me for my decision I have made?

Are their friends going to the same Camp?

Will they have fun?

Will they build memories?

Will they come back exhausted?

Are you new to the Conejo Valley or a local – we are quickly approaching Summer time, and one thing that comes up for most parents is finding the right summer activities or camps for their Kids. I thought I share some camps my kids have enjoyed through the many years from age 5 to Pre-teen having lived in Westlake Village. Some are creative, some are more to get energy out and others are more sport focus. I know at times its easier to put a kid in one camp all summer long, and in one way its great as it gives kids the ability to make new friends through the summer and build lasting memories.  Some kids do better when there is variety and not always the same things. Below is a list of some great camps that friends in the area and I have sent our kids to.  I’m sure there are plenty others that are not listed that are also great. When thinking of Summer Camps also think of new things your child may want to try or you may want expose them to a new sport or activity.

  • Camp Kinneret Summer Camp
  • Camp Keystone
  • Conejo Recreation and Park District Camps
  • iD Tech Camps
  • Triunfo YMCA Day Camps
  • LAVA West
  • Pepperdine baseball Day Camp
  • California Cartwheel Center
  • Victory Gymnastics
  • Cal Lutheran Summer Sports Camps (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Water Polo)
  • Hillcrest Center for the Arts Camps – Frank LaGuardia’s Summer Camp
  • Underwood Family farms Summer Farm Camps
  • Oaks Christina Sports Camp
  • Carden Conejo Camp
  • Ventura & Malibu Makos Surf Camp
  • Mary Osborne Surf camp
  • Aloha Beach Camp
  • Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing

I’m in no way affliated with any of these camps/organizations, just a suggestion from folks in the Conejo valley

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