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Youth Fitness & Motivation

The following blog was written by my son from an Athlete perspective that has trained with Lucas for about a year.

As an athlete in the Conejo Valley, my performance in strength and agility is vital and how I train is even more important, but finding the correct source to follow is always tricky as articles on the internet are always deceitful. Your next best option is to seek a trainer, but now you’re stuck with the problems of expense and possible issues with a trainer such as lack of focus, error in individual programs, etc. As an athlete I believe how you train is the most important aspect, and if you’re looking to gain a competitive edge in your performance, Lucas Quinn, a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach from the university of Cal Lutheran, ex football player for the college’s football team, and an outstanding and organized business owner, is the best you can find in the area. Training at all ages and level from youth athletes to professional athletes, Lucas Quinn connects with everybody he trains in unique ways that are rare among trainers. The following is a list of his key training values and main focuses

  • Speed
  • Strength and Power
  • Agility and Change of Direction
  • Conditioning
  • Plyometrics
  • Vertical Jump Training
  • Recovery and Restoration
  • Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility
  • Core Training
  • Long Term Athletic Development 
  • Team Training
  • Mindset Development
  • Acceleration

As the list is long, Lucas Quinn will decide what is right for you based on what sport you play and what needs to be worked on with individual specific programs that are executed with precision. My personal experience with his training has been greater than anything I have ever been through as an athlete and overall unexplanatory. In just over a year of training with him, I have transitioned into effective weight lifting as just a freshman at Westlake High school with perfection in my form, incredibly increased my speed, decreased possibility of injury due to overall strengthening, and most importantly I have created a strong bond with him. He has taught me all about what foods to eat and why they are beneficial for muscle growth, why he trains me the way he does, and has simply increased my drive to become the best athlete I can be.

Lucas is a native to the Conejo Valley, living with his beautiful wife; Sam, and two adorable kids. Lucas is dedicated to all this athletes no mater the level, he is there to help them get better. He is someone you will always find with a smile, positive outlook and will pump your athlete to give it their all! All athletes appreciate how hard he drives them, even the younger ones he connects with. You can find him in his newly built and renovated facility located in First Neighborhood Community Center at 31848 Village Center Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361. 

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